Fall 2019 Office hours: M/W mornings, exact times TBA.
Note: The Critical Writing department has re-located to McNeil (37th and Locust Walk).

I currently teach Critical Writing (“Writing Sem”) at Penn. The Critical Writing department has an interdisciplinary approach to writing in context, in authentic genres. In my seminars, students read primary research papers in linguistics, and develop their own research projects while learning to support claims with evidence and logical argumentation.

My broader teaching interests span a range of topics, including:

  • syntax and its interfaces
  • sociolinguistics and language variation
  • writing about language; writing for the social sciences
  • fieldwork methodology; under-studied languages
  • Indonesian linguistics

Fall 2019 courses (See Penn Course listings for full description)

WRIT 059 301  Child language acquisition
WRIT 059 302/303  American Dialects

Previously taught at Penn:

  • Introduction to Linguistics (LING001)
  • Puzzles & Patterns in Language (PSPR024)
  • Syntax (LING250) – Teaching Assistant
  • Intro to Sociolinguistics (LING102) – Recitation Instructor
  • Intro to Linguistics (LING001) – Recitation Instructor

Previously taught in the English Letters Department at Ma Chung University:

  • General Linguistics
  • Modern English Studies
  • Stylistics
  • Writing I
  • Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Teaching distinctions

  • Received Certificate for University and College Teaching through the Center for Learning and Teaching (CTL) at Penn
  • 2017-2018 CTL Teaching Fellowship (declined due to conflict with another fellowship)
  • 2014 Finalist for the Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students (nomination by students)