Less-studied languages and outreach

I previously worked in Indonesia for several years, in the wonderful city of Malang, East Java. During my time in Indonesia I developed an interest in languages that are less commonly studied and thus under-represented in the linguistics literature. With several colleagues, I developed a series of audio lessons intended to help students learn to speak the under-studied language Madurese, for which textbooks (and, at the time, complete grammars) did not exist. Contact me if you’re interested in these recordings.

With my previous training in Applied Linguistics, I have also initiated and led language-related programs in Indonesia, including:

  • Language learning seminars for expatriates from different countries, a.k.a. How to speak more fluently and sound more like a local speaker 
  • Language teacher training, curriculum review and language program design
  • Cultural and linguistic awareness and cross-cultural training

Community and social impact

I have also been fortunate in having opportunities to contribute my time to social impact and local engagement:

  • Training and opportunities for young scholars:  I designed and carried out an interdisciplinary project that combined linguistic fieldwork and an intensive training component for Indonesian college students interested in linguistics or language related careers (this project was funded by the GAPSA-Provost Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation at Penn). My team of 5 college interns received hands-on training in linguistic principles, fieldwork methodology and research design; they also received a stipend. The interns arranged interviews with language consultants, collected data and collaborated to build a database with their results.
  • Social impact:  I was a Lipman Family Prize Fellow in 2016-2017. The Lipman fellowship is part of the McNulty Leadership Program housed at Wharton Business School. With other fellows from across Penn’s graduate schools, I contributed to the selection of semi-finalists for the $250,000 Lipman Prize, which is awarded annually to an organization for outstanding work in the social sector.
  • MacArthur 100&change Top200: As part of a team of summer associates at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP),  I screened the top 200 applications for the $1 million MacArthur 100&change prize. I and my fellow associates chose 11 evidence-based projects that have the potential for great social impact, and we co-authored this special publication highlighting organizations that are working to improve lives around the globe.